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Our Piano holds a special meaning to me and my family. The beautiful melody played by the piano accompanied us for many wonderful time. Learning the piano allows us to learn to do anything. It teaches us be serious and persistent, and it cultivate our patience and perseverance.

Carving Pumpkins, 2017

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Cool Culture’s mission is to amplify the voices of families and strengthen the power of historically marginalized communities through engagement with art and culture, both within cultural institutions and beyond.

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The We Are All Curators Online Museum is a space, curated in part by Cool Culture and designed for families to share their stories and celebrate their rich and diverse cultures. We encourage families, educators, museum professionals and other New Yorkers to join us in changing narratives about the arts, creative practice, culture, and the power of diversity in our communities.


Cool Culture envisions an equitable society that values, embraces, and is enriched by all cultures.

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