Family Photo

Anna Valdes, ICCD Rego Park, 2019

If I had to select a special object in our home, it would be the portrait of Noah and I hanging on our wall. Noah came to me at four weeks old through the Foster Care system. He remained with me until a family member, not familiar to Noah, wanted to claim him. I had to turn him in at ten months old, just a few months prior to his first birthday, which we had been planning. It was the longest four weeks of my life, and had decided to visit a friend in the Midwest. During my time there, I got a call from the agency asking if Noah could be placed back with me (stupid question).

Naturally, I yelled, “YES!” He would return to our home two weeks from that call, six weeks total of being away from me. He came home, and I planned his party, while fighting a fever and bronchitis. The party was held at Jane’s Carousel. The day was more than just a birthday party, it was a celebration of my son coming back. Noah constantly points to that photo and calling out my name, “Mommy!”

Noah will be adopted, finally, in March. This is my precious object in our home, materially speaking that is.

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