Fli Kosove

Antigona B., P.S. 169K – Sunset Park School, 2019 This is a traditional food from my country. Everyone in my country will bake that for their special guests, especially for the first-time visitor to the house. It usually takes 3 hours to bake. However, it is delicious and worth the wait.  In addition, it helpsContinue reading “Fli Kosove”


Candice, 2014 My father brought me this maneki-neko from Japan when I was a teenage girl. As a young boy growing up in poverty in Akron, Ohio, he never imagined he would leave the country. Fast forward decades later and he had a family (my mom and me)…and a career that allowed him to travelContinue reading “Maneki-neko”

Cooking with Mom

Lena, 1990s – Current Lime pickle is one of my favorite things to add to Indian food, which my mom knows, so she will cook it with me whenever we are together. I chose this picture because it reminds me of spending time with mom, which I don’t get to do enough now that weContinue reading “Cooking with Mom”

Sankofa Bracelet

Nick, 2006 I bought this bracelet in Accra, Ghana at a crafts market while on a trip with 15 other African-Americans visiting the continent for the first time. This bracelet, made of brass, cost a mere $5 but its value is incalculable to me. It represents not only my identity, but also the identity ofContinue reading “Sankofa Bracelet”

Chinese Cocktail Coconut Buns

Christina Chow, P.S. 163Q There’s a type of bun that the Chinese eat for breakfast or for any time where a sweet treat is needed. It is called a Cocktail (bird’s tail in Chinese) bun. It has a sweet buttery coconut filling inside and it’s smooth brown on the top. This reminds me of myContinue reading “Chinese Cocktail Coconut Buns”