Susan Yawa, 1970s I am the daughter of Katherine and Preston who raised me in the company of change makers and racial dreamers. They spoke to us in the language of education, justice and freedom both in their words and actions. I entitled this conference flier ‘Osmosis’ because it has always felt to me thatContinue reading “Osmosis”

We Are One

Anonymous (Educator), 2019 Elephants represent prosperity to my family as I recall. It means that when you have family you are rich. Family to the Spanish and Creole culture are very strong and connected, and family is very important. Therefore, the string of elephants holding each other’s tail represents my family and culture – weContinue reading “We Are One”

Curry Crab & Dumplings

Asher S. P.S. 140, 2019 Curry crabs & dumplings been around for generation; not only these crabs are from the wild, they live on land or sea that’s the greatness of these angelic creatures. But not only the seasoning and the curry embrace this unique shell with in it soft meat and then it servedContinue reading “Curry Crab & Dumplings”

Fli Kosove

Antigona B., P.S. 169K – Sunset Park School, 2019 This is a traditional food from my country. Everyone in my country will bake that for their special guests, especially for the first-time visitor to the house. It usually takes 3 hours to bake. However, it is delicious and worth the wait.  In addition, it helpsContinue reading “Fli Kosove”

Indian Bangals

Kanika, 2000s – Current I wear these bangals every day. I actually can’t remember the last time I took them off. My mom gave them to me about six years ago. Growing up, wearing Indian clothes and jewelry was always synonymous with getting dressed up for weddings, holidays, or another special occasion. About seven yearsContinue reading “Indian Bangals”